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Motion Graphics is widely used in many fields, like programming or video making. And we think why not gather these useful materials we made together and make them useful for the others who is about to do the same work again. With respect of the sharing economy, we welcome any kind of donations of these precious MG materials. We will notify the related information about the authors on the related pages.

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Animated Presentations

People always using static PPT or keynotes to present their ideas, even in WWDC (A Famous meeting hosted by Apple). What if we use animated presentations (a brand new style to present), with both totally film level animation and visual effects and speed under control, it just make your presentation totally different. Check our latest research here.

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Open Source Project

We are experimenting some awesome motion graphic maker app on IPAD. It's about to be a open source project, so that everyone can edit or add functions and tools on it just as their own unique needs. Join us to be part of the revolution of the Motion Graphics.

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About Motioncloud is gathering all you should know about motion graphics. .

MIUI 7 release presentation exp.

On the presentation of MIUI 7 release, Mr. Lei uses the same old same old Jobs Style PPT as the background on the mega-LED. We believe it just deserves a better way to present the awesome functions of MIUI7...

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WWDC 2015 presentations EXP.

Cook used the same old style Keynote to present the new 'astonishing' IOS8 system. We think it's time for Apple to change a way to present, but not still stuck in the haunted Jobs style allover anymore.

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